Święto Plonów

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“Dnia 28.10.2010 roku, w naszej szkole, po raz kolejny, dziękowaliśmy i okazywaliśmy swoją wdzięczność Bogu, za wszystko co stworzył, organizując Święto Plonów…”


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  1. Christiane says:

    At “swieto plonow” the children brought a lot of vegetables to school and made some tasty salads!
    We two volunteers organised a quiz about the four elements water, fire, air and earth.

    1. EWA says:

      Sorry but we don’t have in Hungary “Swieto Plonów” but I think that it’s a good accasion for children to see that our enviroment, the water, the earth the plants are the presents of God and they have to take care of them:)

  2. EWA says:

    Ooo, and I’m also proud of us because with Christiane we prepaired the decorations:)

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