On arrival training in Warsaw

EVS volunteers receive different trainings during their project: pre-departure training, on-arrival training, midterm training and final evaluation.

From 11th to 17th of Jenuary we attended our on-arrival training. Even though I am  in project already for 3 months, it was a good way to meet some new people and to know how other EVS projects can look like in Poland. During the training i learn more about polish culture, polish people and other interesting facts about Poland. Also we learn how to dance traditional polish dansing))))

First of all, the goal of an on arrival training is to provide volunteers with tools and information they might need during their project. We  learnt many practical tools such as how to start and manage a project, what to do if you have problems and learn about different types of emotions.

Our trainers lead all the activities through non-formal education. We were mainly learning from each other by sharing our ideas and making activities together. We played games, which were actually the way to introduce many topics and reflections.

We also had some time to make our own workshops and share with the rest of the participants. Topic of my group was “Modern art in Poland”

. For me it was very interesting and helpfull)))


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