Let me introduce myself


Hi, I’m Emma and I’m 19. I’m next volunteer in Zielona Góra. Very nice town by the way, haha. When I went here, everything was new. well, first time in my life I’m doing something like this.

I finished my high school. I knew just few things. that I have free year (after I want to continue with studying), and I want to travel. One friend of mine told me about this project and I said yes.

I live in Slovakia in town Žilina. All my life I live there. My dad have job as musician and also he is repairing musical instruments. My mom is without job now. My sister is 15 years old and she is studing first year on pedagogic high school.

Is hard to define my interests because sometimes it’s changing a lot… I like when I can create something. I like philosophy, humor, design, drawing, watching beauty of art… different view on world, people… I live in my own world.
I made collage


I’m thankful to God Because time is blessing and I realized many things in my life and about things generally.

I like to be in school Salomon. Teachers are nice, I see that they are really interested by childrens. They want to teach them cultural behavior, principles and values.



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