English lessons

In Friday, like every day in the class we had a english lesson. This day we learned some parts of winter clothes. I brings some gloves, sox, boots, hat, scarf,  they wear it and spoked the english names of clothes. They liked it. L Lenka


Hi everybody!!! My name is Lenka. I am 20 (Oh almost 21 I can´t believe it).                               I am from Slovakia. I live in a small village infront of Slovak mountains. I love my great family so it was so difficult to…

Zero Class Activities

In Thursday we founded some leaves of the trees and than we examined them through a magnifying glass. Than we used the leaves for painting. It was interesting 🙂 Lenka

Dzień Chłopaka

In the MONDAY (30.09.) was same thing like “day of boys”. So, with small girls in 0 class we prepared some presents for them, We prepared royal crown and put them on the head of every boy in the class. It was fun 🙂 look at the pix. Oh I love them. Lenka